Resin Creations

Brighten up your life with these amazing resin creations.  From cheeseboards to coasters, resin clocks and resin paintings, these will astound you.  The resin is food safe and non-toxic. Geode designs with glitter sparkle like gems, creating images like rocks that have been sourced from the middle of the earth.  See the range now made with this amazing medium.   Visit my shop and buy directly by clicking on the link MY SHOP below.


Kauri Cheeseboard with resin pour – gold glitters. Resin top, oiled base. 45cm long x 15cm wide. Two matching coasters with cork bases. No props included in purchase price, just the cheeseboard and two matching coasters. $NZ105.
Coasters – set of 3 Blue purple colour with gold $45. Code RC3 BP1
Coasters – set of 2 – Emerald Sparkles $30. Code RC2 G1


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